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If you've been looking for a memorable destination, with rich history, spectacular landscapes , History, Culture, great beaches, Special culinary Lesson, Belly Dancing and Folklore Class, Ceramics Lesson, leather and textiles that we will see include carpets, kilims, clothing and homewares such as pillow covers then you must come to Turkey!

Located between two continents, Turkey has been a crossroads for civilizations for thousands of years. Some of the best tours available today are those which offer the intimacy of small, specialized groups.

Women looking for travel companions with similar interests often find that taking a trip with a group of women is more fun and less stressful.

Below are some our tours and other organizations which offer group tours for women looking to share their journeys with other women.

The tours for women listed range from high-speed group adventures to relaxing scenic vacation getaways to life-changing cultural immersion travel experiences.

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