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Because of Turkey's geographical conditions, one can not speak about a general overall climate. In Istanbul and around the sea of Marmara the climate is moderate. In winter 4 degrees celcius and summer 27 degrees celcius (39 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit) . In Western Turkey there is a mild Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 9 degrees celcius in winter and 29 degrees celcius in summer. On the southern coast the same climate can be found. The climate of the Anatolian Plateau is a steppe climate (there is a great temperature difference between day and night). Rainfall is low and there is more snow. The average temperature is 23 degrees celcius in summer and -2 in winter. The climate in the Black Sea area is wet, warm and humid (summer 23, winter 7). In Eastern Anatolia and South-Eastern Anatolia there is a long hard winter, where year after year snow falls from November until the end of April (the average temperature in winter is -13 and in summer 17 degrees celcius).

What is the best time for a trip to Turkey?

Spring is the best time to visit Turkey, in the fall is coming, during the summer, last winter.


Spring (April, May, through mid-June) is prime because the weather all over the country moderate and the days are long. (April can be rainy, though.) This is characterized by its high season for Istanbul and Cappadocia, fully booked hotels in many boutique, and the prices at their highest. It’s the off-season for Aegean resorts and Mediterranean beach.


Autumn (mid-September to October) is the second best with mostly mild weather, but the days are getting shorter, and rain may begin again in October. Again, this is high season for Istanbul and Cappadocia, with many boutique hotels are heavily booked at their highest prices. At beach resorts, the water is still warm, the crowds are smaller, and the prices are low.


Summer (mid-June , July, August to mid-September) is very hot in five of seven different climatic regions of Turkey , though usually rainless , and cool inland in the evenings. Beach resorts are crowded and the prices are at their peak , but the cities are less so Istanbul is a bargain , with smaller crowds and shorter lines for admission to attractions . Cappadocia is cheaper and more convenient as well.


Winter (November, December, January, February, March) can be cold and rainy , with the exception of the Southeast , which remains moderate, but lower prices and fewer tourists are to be compensation , with occasional cold but sunny day , everywhere. I often travel to Turkey in March and November , to benefit from the lower prices, better availability of hotel rooms , and the lack of crowds.


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